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Our boards are manufactured to highest standards using the most durable materials, a tested construction process and our proprietary technologies that we have developed over our 12+ year history.

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Bobby Zaremba

If you have not heard of this company (ZRAY) before you are missing out on not only a fantastic paddleboard but a company that cares about its customers and really focuses on excellent customer service. I contacted ZRAY Canada on their Website and got a response immediately. My issue was resolved almost immediately also. I would highly recommend anyone purchasing a paddleboard to buy from ZRAY Canada.

X2 ~

Out of the so many brands that make inflatable stand up paddle boards, ZRAY gained a great popularity within the surf and water community for its brilliant designs and outstanding quality.

One of their most attractive iSUPs is the ZRAY X2; it’s sure to make your head turn once you spot it; unless you are the owner; that way you’ll be making heads turn for you.

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ZRAY Fury Pro ~

“ZRAY Sports has the vision to make durable and rigid inflatable items that’d make people question the fact that they are inflatable.

The ZRAY Fury Pro Inflatable SUP is made for touring, it is round nose, and sleek body minimize the effort required to paddle through the water. The stiffness and the rigidity of the board’s body make it ultra-responsive, you can change directions, perform some maneuvers and why not take on a few waves.

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Fishing ISUP ~

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Windsurfer W1 & W2~

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X2 ~

The ZRAY X2 Paddle Board ISUP (Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board) is an all around paddle board perfect for all skill levels. This paddle board makes it easy to get on and start paddling, all without the hassle of a big, bulky board to carry with you.

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Want to design your own line of ISUPs? We can help! Whether you want to create a customized ISUP with your corporate logo and colours to promote your business, or create your own brand of ISUPs, we can help design and manufacture your inflatable paddle board. Contact us for pricing and minimum order's easier than you think!

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