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This review is going to be about the ZRAY FS7; one of the ZRAY’s finest fishing inflatable stand up paddle boards that didn’t fail to impress anyone who tried it.


For a fishing iSUP, the larger the board the better it’ll be. The ZRAY FS7 is 11 feet tall, 32 inches wide and 6 inches thick. In other words, 11 feet for length dimension is quite impressive for a fishing board especially with the design and shape given to it. Unlike all-round or pointy noses, this one is quite different; as you can see, it’s takes a squared shape into the edges which are kept pretty soft and round.

This very specific choice of design is not random; the ZRAY FS7 needed to make sure that width is one of its strongest features. The 32 inches width start almost from head to tail which makes it possible to say that wherever you stand you’ll be standing on a 32 inches wide platform. That being stated, it should be obvious now that the ZRAY FS7 is meant to break some records when it comes to stability.

In addition to that, the fact that it is 6 inches thick is a ZRAY’s thing; you wouldn’t find an iSUP of theirs that is under the regular 6 inches because they simply believe that every iSUP deserves to be a quality one. This specific measurement is the most convenient for an iSUP because 6 inches won’t be easy to submerge under water or bend under maximum weight capacity that can go up to 330 lbs.

The outer shell of the ZRAY FS7 is made of Heavy-Duty PVC material that is virtually indestructible. Also, the rail sides of the board are glued using 500D tapes that are nearly impossible to rip off.

Not only that; the 15 cm drop-stitch material that targets the thickness of the board makes it so hard, once fully inflated, you might find it difficult to believe that it’s an inflatable.


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