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About Us

Born out of our passion for paddling and adventure on the water, ZRAY was founded in 2009.  Our mission is to improve the worlds paddling experience on the water by delivering a high quality board at an affordable price!

We manufacture everything in-house at our factory in China, allowing us to maintain a strict level of quality control over the final product.  In fact, each ZRAY board is inflated for 24 hours before it is packaged and shipped; our boards have a less than 1% defective rate.

Innovation drives us.  Over the past 10 years, our research and development team have created several proprietary technologies and processes that have improved the construction of each ZRAY board and enhanced the ISUP experience for our paddlers.   We continually strive to improve our boards; to reduce their weight, improve safety and durability, increase rigidity and create cool graphics and designs.  We want you to be proud of your ZRAY board and tell your friends!

Our boards are now sold all over the world and are used by all types of paddlers; from the recreational paddler to the professional racer.  Come join the ZRAY community and take your paddling experience to the next level!

Our Boards

Feature Rich & Versatile

  • Raised Hull to Prevent Nose Dipping in the Water
  • Tail Kick on Deck for Power & Control
  • Dock Rings: Add a Seat or Secure Your ISUP
  • Soft EVA Deck Pad: Full of Grip but With Comfort
  • Removeable Fin: Add an Aquajet
  • Elastic Cargo Bungee
  • Soft Carrying Handle

Construction Process

  • All ISUPs Inflated For 24 Hours Before Boxed & Shipped
  • Less Than 1% Defective Rate
  • High Quality I-Drop Stitch Core
  • Multi Layer Hull: HD Laminated & Reinforced PVC
  • Thermal Bonded Inner & Outer Rail Layer
  • Soft EVA Foam Deck Pad With Kick Pad

ZRAY Technology & Innovation

  • Cosmetic Art Printing: Direct Printing High Resolution Graphics & Colors to the Board
  • Dual Chambers: A Second Inner Chamber Increases Buoyancy & Safety. Conforms to ISO6185
  • BAM Composite Coating:  Machine Processed Adhesive Layer to Prevent Blistering & Wrinkles
  • Duplex Rigid Heavy Duty Composite Coating: Multilayer PVC Coating on Hull to Improve Durability
  • Ultimate Agile Light Technology: Patented Process to Reduce Weight Without Compromising Quality & Durability

Order custom boards

Want to design your own line of ISUPs? We can help! Whether you want to create a customized ISUP with your corporate logo and colours to promote your business, or create your own brand of ISUPs, we can help design and manufacture your inflatable paddle board. Contact us for pricing and minimum order quantities...it's easier than you think!

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