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The ZRAY X2 Paddle Board ISUP (Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board) is an all around paddle board perfect for all skill levels. This paddle board makes it easy to get on and start paddling, all without the hassle of a big, bulky board to carry with you.

It’s a versatile paddle board. This ISUP is extremely rigid, with a solid and reliable platform once inflated. The ZRAY X2 paddle board proves as dependable as it’s hard board counterparts with the convenience of easy transport because of it’s size.

For a priced right, inflatable paddle board, the ZRAY X2 did not skimp on construction. It inflates to 6 inches thick providing the user with stability while on the water. It is designed with a traction deck pad for secure footing while the board is wet.  The ZRAY X2 is strong and durable. It is constructed with premium double layers. The ZRAY X2 paddle board is manufactured with quality, heavy, military grade PVC. The interior of this paddle board has a Korean drop stitch for strength.

This inflatable paddle board proves functional for users of any age or skill set. It’s stability makes it a great candidate for teenagers through adults. Both beginners and more experienced riders will enjoy this all around inflatable board. It glides through the water. Although it is not a speed board, it is capable of a decent speed in the water. Due to it’s size, stability, thickness and weight capacity this board can easily accommodate 2 people at once, or even one rider and their dog, making it possible for the rider to share the experience with others.

The ZRAY X2 inflatable paddle board is considered an all around paddle board. As a good all around paddle board, it is ideal for teenagers through adults. It will perform well on all types of waterways including lakes, rivers, flat water spots, as well as the ocean. This board is a great board that will offer recreation in many different water environments.

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