Windsurfer W1 & W2~

The fact that you can get an inflatable board for windsurfing alone reflects the power of technological advancement that this field is witnessing. A windsurfing board that can be folded and packed with minimum effort is everything a water person would need…


If there is anything that I know the ZRAY for, it got to be the multiple layers with which they coat all of their iSUPs. If you are still reading, you’ll be glad to know that the ZRAY W1 and W2 are not an exception.

These two boards are made with some of the best and most durable materials known in this industry. First things first though; we know that an inflatable product can always be a matter of questioning when it comes to resistance and endurance. Yet, you won’t have much to worry about; the ZRAY’s chambers are made of stiff drop-stitch material than can easily take up to 15 psi. Also, the outer shell is made of Heavy-Duty PVC material that can seriously take a good deal of beating.

Not only that; to strengthen the whole body of the board, the company added a 500D core rail seam tape, and an extra reinforcement 500D tape that hold every part of the board together and make it seem and feel like one whole piece which won’t lose shape easily, that’s for sure. Further, these boards are featured with a tarpaulin PVC stringer for maximum bounciness and flexibility; it’s pretty much an ideal inflatable stand up paddle board.


The ZRAYs are featured with everything basic yet luxurious that an inflatable would ever need. To be honest, it’s these features what make an inflatable stand up paddle board worth many shots; it’s something you won’t find or experience with an authentic board. So, let us find out what the ZRAYs got for us:

  • The most obvious and prominent thing about these 2 boards is with no doubt the outstanding sail that measures a solid 118 inches for the mast, and a 51 inches for the bottom. The sail can be easily broken down into packable pieces in no time, but once put together it is as rigid and strong as a regular sail. I can’t hide how excited I am about these boards; they’re quite revolutionary.
  • To attach the sail to the board you’ll find a rigid joint nearly at the center of the board where you can safely and easily insert the rig; it’s solid and it’s made to respect the universal windsurfing measurements.
  • Another feature is the crocodile skin EVA pad that covers 2 thirds of the boards back; it’s soft yet very durable for maximum functionality. Such a thick pad makes the board a lot stiffer, as it’ll enhance your balance and control over the board.
  • Further, there are 2 carry handles on each board to facilitate transporting them once fully inflated. They’re rigid and made of rubbery material for comfortable use.
  • Last but not least, the ZRAY W1 and W2 are featured with 2 fins; one of which is beneath the board’s tail like usual to serve tracking purposes, while the second is at the center and it’s specifically there to boost the windsurfing mode. With these 2 fins, I can tell you right now that a great windsurfing experience is right ahead of you.


You’ll be surprise at how versatile the ZRAY W1 and W2 are; their all-round design and high-nose are considered some of the best things to guarantee a smooth and comfortable ride.

Once you attach the rail, you’ll find that the ZRAYs are not some slow buddies; you’ll get an outstanding performance in light to moderate wind conditions where you can definitely take a race on. However, if you ever feel like not using the rail, you’ll find that you got one great iSUP that is very stable and great for exploring.

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